Since december 2017 you can find in bookstores Scheletri nell'armadio, the first novel with ispettore Liberovici, a dark comedy quite hard boiled (but still al dente).

In Italy the book is in catalogue in the series Echos by Edizioni Ensemble.

The diary of Scheletri is on facebook.

You can read the opening chapters on: flipbook_1 flipbook_2   /   pdf

Here is the booktrailer

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In this book there are: a nymphomaniac, a cubist police sketch artist, an anteater, an anatomy student who dreams of a corpse all for himself, a nosy cop on bike, two bomber pigeons, a detective who vomits every time he sees some blood, his assistant collector of beer bottle caps (or human heads if necessary), a horsefly as reporter, a clumsy burglar blackmailer regularly authorized, a barbecue surgeon, an adequate number of fleas, an old woman with false teeth offline, and more.

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"The plot has the comical strength of a Young Frankenstein, the surreal of an amplified Clouseau and the paradoxical dialectic of Toṭ" [Solinas Prize]
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